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What I’m Most Looking Forward to…

looking forward to It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I miss my freedom like never before. Here is what I’m most looking forward to when I get it back.

The Day I Met Descartes and What I Learned From Him

descartes philosophy Sometimes the universe sends you clear signals. Other times you have to work to decipher them. The day I met Descartes was definitely the latter case.

When did you last stop and take stock?

Stop and take stock It’s time to stop and take stock. Reflect on what matters, let go of what drains you and do what lifts you higher. This is where the magic happens.

This is Your Permission Slip

permission slip Permission is a funny thing. You wait to be able to give it to yourself when you’re an adult. Yet, when you’re there, it’s not as easy as you thought.

When Change is Inevitable

Change is messy. Change is unpredictable. Change can get dirty. But sometimes it’s simply inevitable. Here is how you can better handle it.

5 Tips for Beating the January Blues

Beat_the_January_Blues Don’t let the cold, dark days give you the January blues. Take charge of your happiness and practice these tips that naturally up your mood.

One of Those Days: How to Bounce Back When Nothing Seems to Go Right

one_of_those_days Discover three strategies that help you to bounce back from ‘one of those days’ when everything seems to be going wrong. Time to make things go right!

How I Became the Happyologist

Happyologist_SusannaHalonen Discover why I left my corporate communications career and how I became the Happyologist. Tips on you making your own, brave leap included!

Three Ways to Put A Positive Spin on (Almost) Anything

positive_spin Learn three simple strategies to help you to put a positive spin on almost any frustration, stress or challenge. It’s time to up your positivity game!

One Powerful Question to Help You Prioritise

prioritise This one question will help you to prioritise your tasks and make the important stuff happen.