You are more important in your happiness journey than you think.

Too often, we seek happiness outside of us. We think our happiness is dictated by the goals we reach and the circumstances we are surrounded by. These assumptions are both wrong.

Happiness is Here shows you what exactly happiness is and how you have the power to bring it into any moment. In it, the Happyologist®, a natural pessimist who trained herself into an optimist, shares 30 science-based tips that unlock your joy and up your fulfilment.

These clear and concise tips are a welcome positive addition to our hectic daily lives. Ultimately, they help you to stop, take stock, and realise that happiness is here


Screw Finding Your Passion

The commonly held belief that you should ‘follow your passion’ is flawed.

This belief is a very limiting approach to life, and one that does not lead to happiness. In fact, recent research shows how pursuing your whole life with passion leads to more fulfilment. This has nothing to do with monetising the one thing you love, but finding love in what you do.

This book introduces a new approach to happiness by teaching you to unlock your positive passion energy. The five keys which enable this unlocking are explored in depth, and followed by questions of self-reflection that encourage you to create your own, unique action plan.

Read this if you want more spark and positive energy in your life and career. Read this if you want to build a life full of passionate happiness. 


Praise for Screw Finding Your Passion:

Shawn Achor

 “Using new research and practical tools, Halonen helps us change the formula for how we pursue passion, allowing us to find more ways of achieving our potential and creating joy.”

– SHAWN ACHOR, positive psychology researcher and NYTimes bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

Tal Ben-Shahar
It’s very clear that Susanna Halonen is passionate about her work. And it’s very clear that her work can help you unlock the passion within you.”

– TAL BEN-SHAHAR, author of international bestseller Happier


Nina Grunfeld
We all have times that life seems flat and not very fulfilling. Susanna’s unique stance on passion will enable us to find that love for whatever we’re doing right now.”

– NINA GRUNFELD, founder of Life Clubs


Elliot Newsome
This idea is so important it can’t be ignored.”

– ELLIOT NEWSOME, founder and Managing Director of SKT Consulting